Les Amants de juliette
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june 1994
  …Or the fantasy of ininterruption music : each piece is a slice in time, only referring to its marks in the frame it defines. It’s within this frame implying the out of bounds, that the music will play, exploring spatial time contrarie to a movie camera that swaps a payant and squezes it back into a fixed frame. As well it appears fragmented and cut up, the rests are as important as the notes. Staggering and shifting levels of sounds, it’s music for meditation. The orchestration réunîtes different worlds (indian, contemporary, jazz,…) and avoids clichés of World Music. On the « watergang-piano », butting multicolored ice blocks in a granular flow that cuts and grinds the beat and imposes its own beat as well as its rhythmical color, superimposes light and précise tablas whereas long tones and drawn out phrases from the trumeau soar above. Constantly under control, its’ an ambitious and intimasse project.
Stéphane Ollivier