Les Amants de juliette
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The acrobat's dream.If you were seduced by the freshness and exotic colors of their first recording from 1994 on Serge Adam's record label, here it's the mastery and technical insistence that transpires in the playing of these three musicians. While some use the prepared piano simply as an anecdote, here Benoît Delbecq proves his perfect virtuosity on the instrument. Philippe Foch on percussion, as well as tablas, sitar and flute, brings crucial colors to this refreshing music while Serge Adam shows his own sensitivity to the music while approaching a few great masters of the past. Juliette's Lovers is a group that is absolutely necessary for the French scene because of its music that perpetually evolves and by its constant search for new sounds and effects.
Mathieu Jouan.

july 1998

Alternative music
Chroniques 1998

Determined to stay off the beaten track, the trio made up of Serge Adam (trumpet), Benoît Delbecq (piano, prepared piano, sampling) and Philippe Foch (tablas, percussion, sitar, flute, voice) signs a second album which, four years after their first, has definitely grown in maturity. The different routes, rich with experience, that each of these three musicians has taken has allowed the development and the affirmation of their respective languages. One finds in Juliette's Lovers the principal foundation of their first recording; group writing based on a subtle mix between percussion and prepared piano, creating a rhythmic fabric where the trumpet can moves as it wishes. Furthering this original approach, the pianist researches passionately multiple tempos, fathering a closely woven fabric. The weave sometimes loosens, each fiber thickening; and with a fabric that breathes better, it's the project in its ensemble that gains subtlety, even lightness - an impression reinforced by the high level of interaction and the vitality of the dialogue between the musicians. With a new and promising use of sampling, associated with a span of colors broadened by each musician, the fabric is ornamented with motives and texture that gives the music depth, creating a variety of new moods to favor the melodic developments of the trumpet. If it borrows certain elements from jazz (room for improvisation, phrasing, rhythmic placement...), this architecturally original trio manages to pass by the classical frame of jazz by instilling a rich and different rhythmic approach, which gives an unprecedented environment as well as mindful support for the soloist. Olivier Gasnier
Olivier Gasnier