Sthéphane Payen
THOT - doc 059 - press


Aden 1999


Les Allumés du Jazz N°2


Thôt... a perfectly uniform combo, with its spirit and inspiration affirms the vitality of the young French jazz scene.

The quartet Thôt and its guests add another sensation to the productive and hazy spiral encircling the Collectif Hask. This music definitely flirts with the infatuation of teckno, but here absence and incarnation merge. So it swings, and with these twisted rhythms, Gilles Coronado tosses a few solos with confounding ease. Discoveries in composition and orchestration adjoin the extraordinary, and bitter humor appears (souvenir of Uncle Monk?).
Didier Levallet
So What April 2000
Without any doubt. Far, very far removed from the chameleon combos and other connections to the jazz grid lock currently in style. Their definition of jazz, with daggers drawn, sticks to your guts.
Jonathan Duclos-Arkilovitch
Jazzman (****) May 2000
So What May 2000
One appreciates the way the melodic motives flow between them, their chain of thought that takes them from the background to the foreground, the intelligence of the distribution and entrances. The improvisation finds its subject from the implacable writing. More than the overwhelming technique of these ascetic musicians, we’re left moved by the poetry of space and volume.
Frank Bergerot
Thrilled, surprised, dumbfounded! The adjectives merge. Hair stands on end. The reason? The disclosure of the disc of Thôt, a 4 year old group lead by Stéphane Payen .... Polyrhythms, polytempi, saturated guitar, overlapping, and an attempt to destructure/restructure traditional forms, saxes & brass’s all there.
Jonathan Duclos-Arkilovitch
Jazzmag June 2000
Octopus Summer 2000
Thôt is a very promising group; Payen develops a fluid and intelligent dialogue, that Coronado (dis)continues in distorted and joyous display. Bravo.
Frédéric Goaty
With this quartet, founded 4 years ago by the saxophonist/composer Stéphane Payen, the main word here is uniformity : that of a compact, solid group... Festive, muscular and to uncover in a hurry.
Philippe Robert
RTBF (Belgium) June 2000
Sud Ouest Dimanche May 2000
This French saxophonist made an excellent presentation at the Liège festival in 1999, with the " tribe " of Geoffroy de Masure. In the same light as Aka Moon, he discloses good stuff with his group Thôt.
Philippe Baron
Exciting from start to finish!... In its own way, this group explores paths opened by Steve Coleman and prolonged here and there by Aka Moon in Belgium or Benoît Delbecq in France. Thôt clears a more acoustical path, studying rhythm overlapping with audacity, and in the end proposes rebounding music, strong and tender, rigorous and poetic. A real treat.
Philippe Méziat
Lylo " aime ces CD " June 2000
This quartet explores an original path bordering on free jazz and jazz rock. A mix up of rhythms and melodies, electric guitar with Fred Frith - type accents.