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Jazz Magazine November 2005


JazzMan December 2005 Too Fast for Techno Serge Adam (tpt), Régis Huby (vn). ****Bleuté

As the founder of the record label « Quoi de neuf docteur » and agitator of the really modern music scene, Serge Adam is a research worker who quite some time has invested in the electronics field, digging his own original groove, aided by his own roots in improvisation. He multiplies projects like investigation trails. Better yet, he bets on proposing a separate CD and DTS 5.1 version (diffusion with multichannels), in order to benefit from the most optimal listening quality allowed by modern technology. Over and above this formal appearance, which audiophiles will be grateful for, the trumpet player asks questions that bring on consequences of his phrasing and his manner of composing… Living up to its title, the overture Nothing Expected has a production value woven by the duo associating him with the violonist Régis Huby. Strings in tight loops serve as a rug (more functional and less decorative than a tapestry), on which one and the other fly about and roll around in an astonishing imagined and sensual evolution. The grace of a light breath rips the somber atmosphere, that of the multiple violins (acoustic and electric) superimposed, letting pretty blus rays appear. Like a moving memory - but very alive – of jazz in a world closer to ambiant, ever techno minimalism. Highly recommended for those who like to adventure out of bounds, this project approaches that of certain Norwegians of the label Rune Grammofon, such as the trumpet player Arve Henriksen.
Jacques Denis

Jazz Magazine November 2005 Too Fast for Techno Serge Adam (tpt), Régis Huby (vn). Gros Plan

Very well thought out, the duo of Serge Adam and Régis Huby. The timbres of the trumpet and the violin make a marvelous blend and are treated as an ensemble whose density reminds us of what the trumpet player Mark Cunningham (of the combo « no wave » Mars) did in Raco, there where some would recall Bernard Vitet and Jean-Jacques Birgé, who knows ? From the journey proposed by these albums, it would be silly to go without since they’re undeniably captivating.
Philippe Robert